FermiLab/Cornell Collaboration for Young Quantum Engineer

For the last week, I downloaded a Cornell and FermiLab course about how to be a quantum engineer. The course, Quantum Computing as a High School Module, created by Anastasia Perry, Ranbel Sun, Ciaran Hughes, Joshua Isaacson, Jessica Turner, taught me the basics of quantum computing. Currently, I am almost done with the course, with just one chapter left, and so far, I have been able to understand most of what I have read about in the course. I found some of the most recent chapters I have read about superposition, quantum gates, and entanglement the most interesting. On the other hand, I have been confused about some topics, mainly quantum teleportation and quantum cryptography, and will attempt to understand them after I have finished the last chapter. I also found the matrix operations confusing at first, but after a couple of days, I was able to figure out the matrix operations, and that made the course a lot easier to understand, really enjoyable, and linking me to the future.

Photo from FermiLab (https://vms.fnal.gov/asset/detail?recid=1961138)